Hidden Lake Book 3 – Submitted!

Synopsis: Wolf shifter Liam Hernandez has always been a loner. Even as the Head Enforcer of the Hidden Lake Pack and acting as the little hamlet’s protector, Liam has always preferred solitude, unable to bring himself to fully trust anyone due to his rocky past.

When Wyatt Sanford enters his life, Liam knows immediately that the man is his mate. So he does the one thing that seems natural to him: he runs away as soon as things become serious.

Wyatt, on the other hand, has come to Hidden Lake to escape the annihilation of his entire clan by a cabal of assassins that seem hell-bent on destroying everything in his life.

Unfortunately, the two of them are unaware of the hidden mechanisms in play. Something sinister looms in the distance, tying the both of them together. The wheels have been set into motion: either they dance with the devil… or risk losing each other forever.