Standalone Novels

ABillionairesGamble-evernighpublishing-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewTitle: A Billionaire’s Gamble
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Release Date: October 5, 2015
Genre: M/M, Erotic Romance, Contemporary,  Billionaires
Word Count: 48,560
Buy Links: Amazon || All Romance eBooks || Bookstrand || Evernight 


Dylan Ferrara is an academic wunderkind whose life just got a whole lot messier. After his academic career comes to a staggering halt, his best friends give him a reality check: join the ‘real world’ and start working, or continue chasing an impossible dream. Reluctantly, he agrees.

Remington Whitley is a billionaire who’s sick of the monotony of his playboy life. One day, his company invites a geeky little data scientist over for an interview. The man piques him enough on a personal level that he decides to take a gamble and invite Dylan out for a date.

Dylan is conflicted. Remy is a gamble in and of himself, and Dylan’s inexperience makes him cautious. Dylan doesn’t know if he wants to take the bet with such high stakes on the line.

But what can he do, when throwing the dice and leaving his fate up to luck feels so, so right?


falling for the assistantTitle
: Falling for the Assistant
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Release Date: January 21, 2016
Genre: M/M, Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Word Count: 42,833
Buy Links: Amazon || Bookstrand || Evernight


Caden McCullough is twenty-two years old, a fresh graduate, and has been working for a few months now as one of the assistants to social media mogul and billionaire, Raphael Shepard. Sassy, sarcastic, but always approaching life with an optimism and sunniness doused only by his wit, Caden has been hiding feelings for his boss for some time, not knowing that his boss actually feels the same way.

Raphael Shepard isn’t so good with his emotions. He’s good at two things: making money, and managing his thriving empire. When it is brought to his attention that he might like Caden a lot more than he lets on, Raphael stubbornly denies it, and ends up obsessing like the worrywart that he is, over this new revelation.

Unable to keep his desires at bay, Raphael and Caden share in a passionate night together. Raphael can’t deny himself any longer: he’s falling for his assistant.

With these new emotions coming to light, will their recently consummated relationship be able to withstand an onslaught from Raphael’s past as well as his worries for the future?

fo-dm-littlespitfire-fullTitle: Little Spitfire
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Release Date: May, 2016
Genre: M/M, Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Dragons
Word Count: 37,127
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One fateful evening, Kadan’s village is attacked by a neighboring tribe. In an attempt to save his brother from the marauders, he is knocked unconscious in the attack while biding time to let his brother flee.

Arik has been drawn to human lands by some unknown force propelling him. It doesn’t take long for him to realize why: he was drawn here to save his mate. So he does, taking the man’s brother along with him. and uprooting their lives to be closer to his mate: the other half of his soul.

Kadan wakes up days later to a whole new world, one high above the mountains and beyond anything he’d ever imagined. Underneath it all, however, there is a deadly conspiracy underneath just waiting to be uncovered.

Thrown into a world he barely understands, pulled from a life he’d never thought he’d leave and facing a new reality that Kadan still doesn’t know what to make of, he also finds out that the man who saved him also happens to be his mate.

What is Kadan to do when it seems like everything in his life has suddenly been turned upside down?


Title: Trial by Fire
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Release Date: June, 2016
Genre: M/M, Erotic Romance, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi
Word Count: 32,120
Buy Links:  Amazon || Bookstrand


Hundreds of years into the future, mankind has been enslaved. The earth has been taken over by aliens that humans only call buzzards: vultures who picked on humanity until they were forced into servitude.

Tanner Jacobsen is just a gladiator trying to make a living in a cutthroat world when everything he knows is thrown off-kilter by a man he meets in the arena.

Arad Mizrahi is an ex-gladiator. When he won his freedom from his arena, he first sought out the Resistance: a group of humans intent on finally breaking free from alien oppression. But now he’s back and on a mission to find more soldiers for the Resistance. But then he meets Tanner, and both their priorities shift.

Caught in each other’s orbit, Tanner doesn’t know what to make of the world he now finds himself in, but what they feel for each other is becoming realer by the moment. The question that now hangs in the air is whether or not these emotions can help him pass through a trial by fire or risk losing Arad and a chance at happiness forever.

Be Mine

Title: Be Mine
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: February, 2017
Genre: M/M, Contemporary
Word Count: 25,059
Buy Links: Amazon


Jackson Darragh has the best Valentine’s Day planned–dinner and romantic gesture included. All those plans blow up when his boyfriend suddenly breaks up with him. Broken and dejected, he goes to his neighborhood gay club to drown his sorrows in alcohol.

David Young didn’t know what possessed him when he leaves his Mormon family abruptly for a life of total authenticity in the big city. Alone, his first taste of independence lands him at a gay club with no prospects, no roof over his head, only a future filled with uncertainty. All he has is the desire to live a life that is wholly his own.

A strange twist of fate and one conversation overhead through club music later, and David finds himself living with the kindhearted Jackson.

Now, one year later, Jackson is still hurting from his sudden break-up. David, who can’t fight off his attraction for his friend any longer, is determined to make better Valentine’s memories for Jackson. The more time that passes, the more Jackson wants to see the light come back in the brooding artist’s eyes. He knows he has only to say those two magic words, and their lives change forever.

“Be mine.”


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