How Things are Progressing

With the third novel currently undergoing its second round of edits (along with two title changes!) I’m confident it’ll be the best it can be when it’s released this December. I was a little lazy last August and didn’t submit anything, which is why the third novel isn’t being released sooner. I’m sorry to anyone who’s been waiting!

Currently I’m working on the fourth novel. It’s looking to be a bit shorter. I have four and a half chapters left to write in my story, and it’s definitely looking a little shorter than the first three novels, which can both be a good and bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Sweet and concise is better as I wouldn’t want to bore you all! Then again it’s only the first draft – I’m definitely going to try to hit that “sweet spot.” 🙂

But after this, I may take a little break from writing Into the New World to write that new series I’m currently writing. It’ll be a series of shorter novellas, as I think they’ll allow me to write it more… and a little faster!


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