Writing a new Series and other things in Life

Hi everyone! I just thought to give a little update on what’s happening on my end for the moment.

My new series, entitled Sweet Victories is coming along well, with 2,500 words in the current work in progress. It hardly sounds like anything at all, but considering how I went from one idea back to another and I keep careening back-and-forth regarding the setting, I’ve been doing okay with the manuscript.

The first book, Looking for Paradise, should be finished by this month, and the fourth novel of Into the New World is coming along great. I’m excited to share their story with all of my readers.

In fact, Looking for Paradise should prove to be a little fun! It’s going to be a contemporary novel and I hope that the reception for it will be just as warm as peoples’ reactions to Rude Awakening.

October 23rd is still the release date for Irrevocably Intertwined, and I’m sad to say that no new releases are coming out this November for me, but I hope that’s okay! đŸ™‚

Thank you all for your support and see you again soon!


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