Life as a Newly Published Author

… is not as different as I thought it would be from usual, although in some cases, it feels worlds apart.

It’s not so different in that you will still be doing the things you do day-to-day, only you’ll finally see the return of investment from spending the days, weeks, months, or even years of toiling on that novel and seeing people liking the little teaser and wanting more. You’ll still have that open document file while you use the computer or laptop, and of course, you’ll still be doing your dayjob (or, if you don’t have one, you’ll still be working your ass off doing chores or playing video games, whichever!)

It’s different when you get your notice of acceptance from a publisher saying they want your novel. In my case, it filled me with drive and pushed me to write more and more. I became supremely confident in my work (and rightfully so, since it’s going to be published!) and because I have editors who tell me what’s good and what’s bad; how to fix it, what to focus on it and how to change it so that it becomes the best version I think it can be, that even gave me more reason to feel excited, counting down the days until the release of the novel.

Days, or weeks, or months pass. The day of the release draws closer and closer.

For me, it was a great 72 hours before, during, and after the release of my first novel. People were buying it in droves (on the day itself, roughly the same number of people bought a copy as the entire time Rude Awakening went up for preorder, which amazed me) and then came the reviews. The ones who loved it really loved it, and it filled me with hope to see people leaving ratings and reviews. There are people who only thought it was okay or didn’t quite like it, for varying reasons – and that’s alright: different strokes for different folks, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion – though the negative reviews did make me feel a little sad. I learned not to let it get to me because, as people, we all have the capacity to improve, and as always, we can’t please everyone.

I’m so thankful to the number of people – by the hundreds, even! – who bought my novel. Some of you loved it, and I’m glad – I hope you like the second, third, and fourth one, too! It’s going to be a touch more exciting from that point on! – and then there are some of you who didn’t like the novel. These are the people to whom I say, I’m sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea and I’m happy it evoked a response in you enough to leave a review out in the world. It may have hurt me for a moment, but it didn’t kill me, and although we as people don’t usually like to be criticized, I can try to understand where you’re coming from. You just didn’t like the theme of the book, or the characters, or how it was written. We all have our opinions, and yours is just as valid as the rest of the people who liked my book, even loved it.

Life as a newly published author can be tough. It can be lonely (you spend your hours in front of a computer writing down words into a document in the hopes that the people who buy it love it as much as you do, after all, but you don’t really see these people since you’re in your own home, writing) and it can be disheartening (especially when you take a bad review to heart,) but it’s also fulfilling. I love sharing my stories to the world.

I’m not going to cry over my bad reviews, but what I am going to do is thank (profusely!) the ones who loved my story. I’m not going to cry and stress about how hard promoting yourself is and how difficult it can be, but what I am going to do is thank each and every one of you who took the time to shell out some money and support my right to live (Five dollars is a meal at McDonald’s!) I guess all I’m trying to say is that, as with any person’s life, being a newly published author has its highs and lows, and I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this neck of the woods.

I’m just thankful for each opportunity, each constructive piece of criticism or opinion, each word of praise or thoughtful piece of advice thrown my way. So from the bottom of this newly published author’s heart, thank you. I hope to fill my blog with more words soon. 🙂


ManLove Fall Fantasies

Hi everyone!

For the month of October, I decided to join the ManLove Fantasies Contest for Fall. I hope all of you will come visit and enter to get a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD6 Tablet, pre-loaded with the works of 31 of Siren’s M/M writers. Interested? Come on over and check us out? Contest details after the cut! Click the picture to head on over to the site. Remember – it runs from October 1st to 31st, so please check daily (but not right now, it’s still September! 😉 )

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Cover Release: Irrevocably Intertwined (And Synopsis!)

fo-itnw-irrevocablyintertwined-fullI received the new cover for Irrevocably Intertwined yesterday. It’s amazing, and it’s done by the amazing Harris Channing, one of the resident cover artists at Siren-Bookstrand.

As a teaser, here’s the synopsis of the novel… I hope you all enjoy!

Jayce Barton’s life doesn’t need any more trouble than it already has: having a poor family and having them somewhat blame you for it was already trouble enough. To top it all off, Jayce gets kidnapped one night and finds himself in an unknown, ritzy apartment.

Dmitri Marchetti is the son of one of the strongest vampire coven leaders in New York City. When his coven uncovers new intel on a human-supernatural trafficking ring right in their midst, their coven immediately acts. Jayce and Dmitri meet, and the sparks fly. The easygoing Dmitri finds renewed purpose: something he’s never felt before, and he finds it in Jayce.

With the threat of a crazed madman looming above Jayce, Dmitri vows to protect the human. But even vampires have their limits – and it will take a lot of love, a lot of trust, and a hastily-put-together plan to save not only the man he was growing to love, but each other.

Author Feature: Jacqueline Anne

Hi guys! Today I’m doing something a little different and sharing with you some wonderful authors, whom you might already know of (or don’t, in which case this would be perfect for you!) in a segment I’d love to call Author Feature, because while I write novels, I am by no means witty. 😛 The first in our feature is the lovely Jacqueline Anne, with her novel All of You.


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Rude Awakening is now up for Preorder!

Coming out this September 24th. Currently 10% off!

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Ethan Thackeray is a 21-year-old who has his share of problems, like the fact that he gets attacked by a group of vicious gay-bashers coming out of a club. Enter Adam James, a werewolf alpha who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. After a night in the hospital, Ethan wakes to an introduction to his savior, and sparks fly.

Adam feels something strong, pulling him towards Ethan in a way he can’t describe. The catch, however, is that humanity doesn’t know about the existence of supernatural beings, and after an eventual romantic tryst, Adam becomes 100% sure Ethan is his true mate: the mate fate intertwined into his life.

With rogue shifters in his pack’s periphery and having to be honest to the person who completes him, Adam is distraught. Will Adam and Ethan find their happily ever after, or will Ethan have a rude awakening to the world of the supernatural?